Sophie Collins

Bohemia, NY

KompaFlex is awesome! I've never seen anything like it! I use KompaFlex both on my land to control the dust, and to create and maintain a 3/4 mile hard surface gravel road. The best of its' kind, I tried other polymers. KompaFlex is worth much more than I paid. I'm one happy customer! 

Andre Blouin

Austin, TX

LeviTrap EQ is so efficient. Man, this thing's getting better and better as the time passes. You have no idea what "no maintenance" means until you try it. I strongly recommend LeviTrap EQ for equestrian dust control. The very best.

Kenneth L. Hollis

Mountain View, CO

I operate a quarry and am actively pursuing dust abatement solutions.  The towns nearby have been very strict on pollution and slapped down  fines on trucks leaving the area with any amount of residue on them.  Our company has actively fought dust with spray trucks and tire irrigation systems for the past couple of years. We are frustrated by the amount of mess this creates, on top of the wasted resources and labor. Next day you do it all over again. I was able to find LeviTrap SP by searching on the internet and figured I would give it a shot. Real people answered the phone and they were very courteous. They sent me out a sample asap and followed up with answers to all my questions. I ordered, we sprayed it, and the dust is gone. I don't know where, but it's been weeks we didn't have to run the water trucks. I highly recommend giving LeviTrap a shot, it really does what it says. It saved, or should I say still saves my company a lot of money.

Phil Wright

Houston, TX

While initially I had many questions, Kompaflex MX has impressed me on many levels. It made our paving project a lot easier. It really saved us time and effort. I can't tell you how nice and sturdy our local road came out with Kompaflex MX. Excellent product.

Sammy Caldwell

Boston, MA

I was beyond frustrated when the New England winter destroyed my walkway again- which has happened almost yearly over the past 10 years. I had tried everything to patch it up and repaving it  with asphalt was out of the question. I figured I would try something unorthodox and found some information on a new method called polymer.  I am very glad that I found Kompaflex. After ripping up the existing walkway, we applied the liquid as described and after letting it set for a few days, the results were outstanding. A rock hard surface that actually lasts is exactly what I was looking for. Thank You, I will recommend to my friends, colleagues, and family

A. Al-Fadl


I run a construction company out of Riyadh in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are involved in the construction of hotels, shopping centres, medical offices, and other large buildings. I was intrigued by an Ad posted by the company and was pleased to find someone in their office that could speak Arabic. We wanted to see if there was any way we could use the KompaFlex product to turn our sand into a hard surface.  When we had the product tested, we were surprised about the favorable result.  Option Quest Chemicals suggested the product would not have worked without a special additive that helped give strength to the sample. This was the first time we had ever seen sand turned into a material hard as rock. We currently purchase the product for temporary roads and are very happy with the new technology.

Jolieke van Drunen


Our contracting company wanted to try something new so we used Kompaflex polymer in paving a simple road in Eastern Europe in 2011. The results were outstanding. Even after 4 years of slechte winter, there has been no need for any patch work or re-application of product. Will certainly use again. Thanks, JvD

Ralph N. Miller

Lancaster, CA

I am a repeat customer of KompaFlex MX.  I do a fair amount of new construction so the product works great for making quick and non-permanent access roads. Just spray on and compact, that’s it, but pre-mixing yields a more permanent surface. The product saved me a ton of time by avoiding costly delays with my equipment. This type of application seems like an unnecessary expense at first but trust me, the minimal expense is worth more than the headaches you get from an untreated surface. 

Laurie C. Ramsey

Paso Robles, CA

I am a home owner and had a minor walkway project to do on my land.  I was initially concerned on using the KompaFlex product, because I had never seen an application in person.  The person who I spoke to on the phone told me: “look- we will send you a free sample to test because we are so sure you have never seen anything like it”. The words stuck with me and sure enough, I ran a 10sq.mtr test just with dirt and it came out hard as a rock. Sure enough, I finished the rest of my project with KompaFlex all by myself. It’s honestly so easy, a child could do it. If you are a DIY’lfer like I am, you certainly have the ability to make it happen.  Their crew will tell you exactly how much product you need and how to mix it. The rest is a cakewalk. 

Gerald J. Cardenas

Medford, OR

Just wanted to say that LeviTrap EQ worked perfectly for my arena footing. I love it, my guests love it, and most importantly, my horses LOVE it. Thanks so much guys!

Marta P. Hansen

Montgomery, AL

They might not be the first name that pops up when I think paving solutions but boy, are these guys knowledgeable. I work on resurfacing pavement and have been doing so for a long period of time.  I figured I would ask them a few questions to make sure they were the real deal. Without hesitation, the gentleman would respond to a degree above and beyond what I called for. It turns out that Dan has been in the industry for many years, genuinely helps you out whether you work with him or not, and is constantly studying  new methods. I highly recommend their geo cell for sub base, their polymer for creating aggregate out of your own soil, and their cold color ready to use asphalt. We are using all three successfully for a while now, and our clients are very happy. 

Brett A. Graves

Boone, NC

As a proud horse owner, I know when it comes to the care of my horses and arena, nothing short of the best products will be used.  For my issue, my sand and soil footing was kicking up way too much dust after an extended period of use and constantly watering down sprinklers just weren’t cutting it for me.  I was torn between putting a new surface in, or some more efficient method to control dust.  When I found out about LeviTrap from a neighbor, I thought I should give it a shot. I was really impressed about how quickly the product took effect. When considering other alternatives (such as a new rubber mulching footing which I tested as well), LeviTrap is definitely the winner in feel, longevity, and affordability. 

Kenneth Roman

North Chicago, IL

Everyone loves my driveway. People find it attractive and easy to drive.
My driveway is on a hill and stretches for 300 meters. Rocks erode every season, and we have already tried enzyme based products that washed away. What a nerve wrecking waste! After an experience like that, pardon the language, but I thought all people in this industry are just con artists. When we applied the polymer method, the surface became rock hard, which is what I wanted from the start. The surface is still coarse, it has traction (asphalt would be slippery at this steep angle), and the rock is not loose, it is a solid compact mass. We just had to watch for rain for 48 hrs, to give it two days to cure after application, and once we got the hang of it, the process was very quick. I am a contractor. Knowing how difficult it is to work with other materials, I truly appreciate this low-labor technology. I did the whole driveway myself with a helper and a Bobcat. Thank you!

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