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January 12 8:57 AM

Let's be serious: aesthetics are important. People will hang out and spend more time doing things in places they enjoy going to. 


ColorFlex Cold Color Asphalt

Just apply it on top of old asphalt!


A common complaint in many communities is: "why can't we have a nicer mall, park, center of town, etc". This is because people travel, and they see what other towns have, and they want to have it too. Don't you feel awkward as an American when you see eye-catching beauty and design in Europe, Middle East, even China, and then you come back home to gray, apathy and indifference? If you still have a pulse, you should care. ColorFlex colored cold asphalt is an affordable, easy to install long term "facelift".



Side by side,dollar for dollar, we can't think of a faster or more affordable way to improve the look of:

- the parking lot of a mall, movie theater, church, events venue, hospital, clinic

- strip mall, restaurant and supermarket parking lots

- trails and park paths and alleyways

- camping grounds

- golf courses


Here is one of the most cost effective ways to make an unforgettable impression: COLORFLEX COLD COLOR ASPHALT 

ColorFlex Cold Color Asphalt is a quick, affordable way to beautify driveways, alleys, pathways, parks, secondary roads and sidewalks. It comes in the color you want (from the colors we have available), in one metric ton palletized bags, ready to pour and compact (no heating required). At 1cm thick, one ton can pave 42 square meters. Minimum order quantity is 4 tons of any one color. The application lasts between 5-7 years depending on traffic wear. To obtain a quote or to order, call or fax 1.646.383.3690.


You just spread it

and compact it


It doesn't get any easier: just pour it, spread it, and compact it. It works on top of existing asphalt or other hard surfaces. We are also asked very often if it works on top of soil hardened with KompaFlex Polymer Paving. The answer is YES.



Cold Color Asphalt is already a pre-mixed finished product ( cold mix ), no need to melt, you just pave it on the road directly. Construction technology is similar to conventional hot mix color asphalt, except it's cold and only requires a very thin layer when paving.  With superb noise reduction, the installation process is "neighborhood friendly". Anti-slip and fog-proof, it has excellent resistance to water damage. The drainage performance of our Cold Color Asphalt is very good. No tackifier is necessary, it bonds incredibly well to any surface it is applied on.




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