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October 09 3:35 PM

PermaFix MX cold ready to use repair mix is a high tech material, pre-mixed with our high performance additives, asphalt and aggregates, using our proven processing technology. 


Appearance: black, grain like solids

Smell: slight petroleum

Insoluble in water

Insensitive to motion impact

Stable properties

permaflex weatherproof instant permanent pothole repair

This product can be used in all weather, and it is suitable for patching all kinds of roads in any kind of weather, even in water. It can repair potholes, functional ruts, and it bonds to the edges of cement concrete or asphalt perpetually, without the need for any adhesives.

permaflex instant weatherproof pothole repair can be used in water and in winter

Most repair materials will patch a pothole on a temporary basis. PermaFix is a permanent repair and it bonds to any material - soil, asphalt, concrete. There is no need to prepare it in any way, because it comes ready to use. You apply it cold, so you can do your job with a bag of the product and a tamper, no heating, mixing or spraying equipment necessary.
Features at a glance
01. Widest applicable environment temperature range (-30 ºC to +50 ºC).
02. Excellent waterproofing ability, work in pouring rain or water-filled holes.
03. Simple to use, nothing to add, just apply and compact.
04. Open to traffic immediately, no waiting time is required.


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