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September 23 10:10 PM

Geofiber / Geotextiles, Geogrid, Geocell, geomembrane, geotextile, waterstop, geonet, drainage board, drainage geonet, gabion mesh, exhibition carpet, and other types are readily available in wholesale quantity.


Geofiber / Geotextiles

Geofiber has been tested extensively with KompaFlex polymers in various formulas, with exceptional results for giving strength and raising the CBR of otherwise unsuitable aggregate soils, such as sand or clay. There are various types of geofiber, but not all are suitable for polymer paving. A few display excellent characteristics, some have no effect, and others actually lower the CBR of certain soils. Addingfibers to your agregate should be done by a specialist with experience. The type of fiber and the dimensions of the strands yield significant variation on the results. 



Generally used in multiple sandwiched layers with certain aggregate materials or soils in between, geogrid helps to easily create road subgrades, road bases, embankments and other permanent structures with superior characteristics.



Popular in the waved or honeycomb pattern, this cell pattern is usually filled with larger rocks to create load bearing and weight dispersion strength, as a base, under the road surface. It should be seriously considered by anyone bearing the risk or the responsibility for the success of a road building project. 


Also geomembrane, geotextile, waterstop, geonet, drainage board, drainage geonet, gabion mesh, exhibition carpet, and other types are readily available in wholesale quantity. We can price geosynthetic products delivered to any destination. If you need any geosynthetic products, use the contact form to tell us what you need, and we will quote you excellent terms and a competitive price if we have them.

If you need to add geo-products to your order, please let one of our associates know. If the price is not listed or available online, we will send it to you during follow-up communication after you indicate size of project and you demonstrate ablity to pay.

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