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September 19 9:39 AM

LeviTrap EQ (Equestrian) is a highly effective dust control product that has been specifically formulated to eliminate the health hazards of dust in Arenas and Stables.

The product works by improving the consistency, cushioning, traction, and support of the arena footing material. Our dust suppressant gives horses, riders, and trainers the ability to work safely and comfortably in the arena where the kick-up of dust is a problem.




How it Works


The way most dust control products work is by coating the dust particles and forming a layer on top. LeviTrap EQ works differently. Our product is formulated to absorb into each individual soil particle. This means that soil particles remain trapped on the ground by the weight of the modified particles insuring firm footing with no stickiness, thus resulting in no tracking.



The product is not alkaline, it is not acidic, it is non-corrosive, and non-hazardous. Climate or humidity is also not a factor and the application will not wash away or dilute in rain events. A typical application will last 6 months to a few years depending on the amount of traffic. When required, reapplications are done at a much lower rate to renew highly effective, long lasting control. We have visited customers with indoor arenas who used LeviTrap EQ more than 4 years ago and found that the footing still works like new without any need for reapplication.  


How is LeviTrap EQ different from LeviTrap SP?


The two formulas are very similar, developed in parallel, for a common problem. The SP dust control formula was designed for heavy traffic, while the EQ formula was tweaked further with the needs of horse owners in mind. They are similar enough to be used interchangeably; however, the EQ formula has a higher penetration rate, so it will perform slightly better for very thick footing material.


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