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September 19 9:35 AM

Chemical Stabilization of High-Plasticity Soils using Redresoil MX


The principal reason many roads fail is the result of poor construction and aggregate selection for the base layer of asphalt roads and the subbase or subgrade for concrete roads respectively. Until now, the only solution for failing road bases was to dig up and remove the inferior base and replace it with quality aggregate, which is a costly and time-consuming process. To circumvent this out-dated solution, RedreSoil MX creates a concrete-like bond with weak base materials which turns the base into a strong, stable surface suitable for compaction.


How RedreSoil MX Works  


The major side-effect of using inferior soils for road construction is that they build up a structure of fine capillaries that absorb water; causing a reduction of stability, decreased load bearing capacity, and reduced ability to resist frost. The RedreSoil System is a combination of two complementary components developed specifically to fill the capillary network with a silicone resin thus rendering the soil water repellent. Once the soil is treated with RedreSoil, capillary water uptake is prevented, ensuring permanent high load-bearing capacity, stability and frost resistance.


Eco-Friendly and Affordable


The benefits of using RedreSoil can be seen both during the project selection, and in the end result. The use of "in-situ" soils saves time and lowers your expenses. Since you no longer need to remove tons of inferior soil and haul it away to a landfill, the cost of purchasing expensive aggregate is also eliminated. This results in lower project costs, reduced service time with less disruption to the local infrastructure and population.


Along with being an excellent time-saving and cost-effective product, RedreSoil MX is environmentally friendly and releases no toxic gases whatsoever. This added fact gives piece of mind to workers using the product that won’t suffer the consequences of noxious fumes. This piece of mind is extended to public officials and civilians that won’t need to worry about the problematic environmental effects that many construction projects cause.


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