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August 29 8:34 PM

Low cost multipurpose KompaFlex SP

KompaFlex SP  polymer our economy grade polymer for general applications. It is the ideal solution for dust control in traffic, non-traffic areas, stockpile capping and stabilizing slopes and embankments. When hydroseeding, substituting KompaFlex SP polymer in place of a traditional, old style tackifier increases germination rate, decreases germination time, and eliminates washouts, rilling and, erosion.

Because there is no chemical ingredient difference between our flagship MX polymer and the economy grade SP polymer, many contractors, resellers and beneficiaries use it everywhere, even for mix/in applications.

What is the product concentration?

  • 30% virgin active solids

Are more concentrated products better?

  • Not for dust control and ecopaving, you need water anyway

Do we save money buying more concentrated?

  • Savings is a function of both price and dilution rate

Is it so cheap because it is lower quality?

  • On the contrary, it is chemically identical to our flagship MX product, except the higher concentration requires significantly more expenses to make; SP is designed to be affordable

What is a VAC?

Say you walk into Home Depot and ask for paint. They will say: we have:

  1. Indoor paint for $
  2. Outdoor paint for $$
  3. Or this new thing, works both indoor or outdoor, for $$$

Item #3 is the VAC, a top quality multipurpose dispersion

  • A VAC is a vynil acrylic copolymer; ours was specifically engineered from scratch to be perfectly suited for soil stabilization (penetrate well, last long, cure fast, not stick to equipment and undercarriages)

Why should i buy this product?

  • Calculate percentage of solids per dollar spent and then test the strength of the result; our quality is indisputable and cost is currently very low, especially for large orders
  • With a 30% VAC you can work 2w:1p same as with most esters or styrenes at 48-52% solids
  • Both esters and styrenes have toxic ingredients, our product is labeled "0" in all hazard categories (faster approvals)
  • Styrenes are not designed for soils; they may flake and yellow over time, as with most low cost epoxies that use styrene



KompaFlex SP is the polymer of choice when cost is the most important consideration. Tell us about your project and budget; perhaps we have a solution for you.

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