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August 29 9:54 AM

Kompaflex Px™ Benefits

Thank you for your interest in Powdered Polymer (KompaFlex PX). KompaFlex PX is an eco-safe, biodegradable, dispersible dry powdered copolymer used to stabilize and solidify any soil or aggregate as well as erosion control and dust suppression. Kompaflex Px™ can be applied by either broadcasting the dry powder topically or mixing it into the treatment area and simply adding water over the site.

Alternatively, Kompaflex Px™ can be pre-diluted into a liquid and applied in a similar manner. Kompaflex Px™ is designed to quickly hydrate into a solution that works its way throughout the aggregate or soil particles. Once applied to the soil or aggregate, the copolymer molecules coalesce forming bonds between the soil or aggregate particles.

The key advantage of Kompaflex Px™ originates with its long, nanoparticle molecular structure that link and cross-link together. As the water dissipates from the soil or aggregate, a durable and water resistant matrix of flexible solid-mass is created. Once cured, Kompaflex Px™ turns clear, leaving the natural landscape to appear untouched. 

Kompaflex Px™ results are based on the application rate used. Modest application rates are useful for dust suppression and erosion control by creating a three-dimensional cap or surface crust. Heavier rates can generate qualities similar to cement; useful for soil solidification and stabilization found in road building. By adjusting the application rate, Kompaflex Px™ can remain effective from weeks to several years. Most importantly, Kompaflex Px™ is a truly biodegradable product that is completely environmentally safe to use.

Kompaflex Px™ powdered polymer uses a proprietary powdered mixture, that increases stability in the soil and enhances the already hydrophobic nature of polymers in both their liquid and dry forms. This ensures each application keeps working long after other products fail.


Cost Effective

Kompaflex Px™ powdered polymer assures strong, stable applications that resist erosion and movement at a cost that is lower than typical stabilization methods.


Durable and Easy to Apply

Kompaflex Px™ is applied by mixing the product into the target aggregate and applying a small amount of water to activate, or mixing it with water at a desired percentage of solids and applying to the target area. Powdered polymer is a 100% solids product.

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