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LeviTrap SP is a heavy-duty dust suppressant that is used for traffic applications. This blend is specifically engineered to a viscosity and weight which allows it to encapsulate the dust particles and cancel out the colloid (floating) property, giving them considerably more mass and weight, so the dust falls to the ground like any heavy object, even if kicked up by hooves, shoes or by tires. LeviTrap SP prevents dust from levitating in the air by trapping itself into the dust particles and creating crystalline formations that are too heavy to float.


Dust no longer flies around, the "fugitive dust behavior" is eliminated until new dust is created. Minor reapplication mitigates the problem of new dust. The product will not be washed out by water or by wind erosion (see microscope pictures below to see why). It does not evaporate. LeviTrap SP is excellent for controlling dust on roads with pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and superbly suitable for controlling dust from horse footing materials.



Easy to apply


Simple two step application process: Load any sprayer (handheld or machine), and spray directly onto the surface. Its that simple.

One application can last from 6 months to a few years depending on wear factors. Some users of the EQ (equestrian) formula report it still works like new after four (4) years. Others have a maintenance program where a modest amount is reapplied where the tire wear is maximum (for instance in curves).


Suitable for traffic applications

LeviTrap will not form a crust and will not evaporate. It will keep dust down for long periods of time on gravel roads and other traveled dusty areas. Basically the dust no longer has the ability to float in the air after the first treatment. See "detailed analysis" below.



The only reason maintenance may be required is because new dust could be flown in from adjacent areas, or created by traffic shear. In such cases very small amounts may be modestly reapplied in curves, at stop signs, generally in places where turning, braking and acceleration shear forces may have created new dust, since the bulk is already treated. So it's always a good idea to keep a quantity in stock. It has unlimited "shelf life".


Mining, fracking, quarries and other haul roads consider LeviTrap "the perfect dust control"

LeviTrap works particularly well to keep down heavy traffic dust. One application eliminates the need for constant watering. Not only it eliminates the dust, but it also eliminates the mud (logically since you no longer water). Start with a sample patch if you still have doubts, and see how it works side by side with other methods you are using.


Detailed analysis

We took samples from the test shown above and placed them under a comparison microscope.


The soil treated with water (which has evaporated) is on the left, and the soil treated with LeviTrap is on the right. Today it is 41 days since the test was completed. Let's take a closer look and see why LeviTrap persists so efficiently:

Although both samples are dry to the touch, something seems to have changed permanently in the LeviTrap treated soil, because it will not revert to the natural "dry color". So let's dig in at high magnification so we can find out why. We will first look at the untreated soil where the water has long evaporated. This soil may as well be untreated. The 0.515mm (approx. half a milimeter) line has been drawn for your reference so you can have a sense of the actual scale. The color has not been manipulated in either picture and both were taken in identical lighting conditions.

The focus is very shallow at this magnification (that is why scientists prefer slides with backlight) so anything even slightly closer or farther will be out of focus. These are not "out of focus" pictures, this is simply how things look. The focus distance is paper thin, so any objects closer or farther will look blurry. We are looking straight inside these tiny jars with soil through a microscope. If that red line were a meter (or a yard) long, the jar would be larger than two stadiums.

What you see below are the dust particles which normally fly around in the wind in their natural state (left jar, no LeviTrap treatment). If you turn this jar over and dump the contents, you will see dust in the air. Here is what dust looks like under a microscope:

UNTREATED DUST (treated with water which subsequently evaporated)

In the image above we are observing the surface of the soil in the mini-jar, so what you see above are soil particles pressed together. When disturbed with sufficient force, the smallest of these particles become fugitive dust, the kind that is easily absorbed into the respiratory system.

Amount : 10 micrometers (µm of length)
Equals : 0.01 millimeters (mm / length)
Fraction : 1/100 millimeters (mm / length)


When we observe the LeviTrap treated soil (below) at the same magnification, we immediately see that something drastic has changed not only in the color but in the appearance and cohesion of these particles. Even though the LeviTrap treated soil feels dry a week or two after application, and it feels identical to the touch as the dry soil, when viewed through a microscope the treated particles are visibly and thoroughly imbibed with LeviTrap, and moreover, they are clearly well clumped together in crystalline formations, not free to levitate in the air.

This microscopic image of LeviTrap treated dust is also a perfect reminder that any subsequent maintenance reapplication should be done very lightly. You just need to treat new dust at maintenance time - what is treated, remains treated. Therefore significant long term savings can be achieved without using water or chlorides.



It is transparently obvious that the LeviTrap product has been "trapped" into the particles, which causes the darker color at our level of perception. These dust particles have more weight than the air molecules, they no longer levitate in the air. They are heavy with LeviTrap, so their colloidal property (floating in the air) has been effectively and permanently neutralized.

The longest documented use was on the footing material of an indoor horse arena in CT; the owner called to show us that 4 years after the application, the LeviTrap worked like it was applied yesterday. Of course, traffic shear and new dust flying in make brief maintenance reapplications necessary in other scenarios.

Simple to apply: just spray. Do not add water, this is not a water dilutable product.

Long lasting: years for foot and horse traffic, 6-12 months for normal vehicular traffic, 3-6 months for heavy duty traffic (time to maintenance application).

Side by side with a similar competing product (left) notice how LeviTrap (right) separated clean from the tinted water in less than 90 seconds after thorough agitation. The ability to keep water away is the property which ensures that:

  • you will have less or no mud on the treated surface
  • LeviTrap will not wash away with rain


Water separation - LeviTrap dust control

LeviTrap is a 100% eco-friendly product, not regulated by any agency.

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