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September 24 9:37 PM

Affordable, EPA Safer Choice Approved!

DustOut is 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe and non-toxic offering the best dust control experience. It can be applied in different ways such as by water truck spraying and by manual spraying for small areas. DustOut easily dilutes in water and requires little energy and time in preparation. The strength of the concentration can be adjusted based on your particular needs. Use DustOut just like how you would use regular water in the treatment of dust areas. You will see that by using DustOut, you can greatly reduce the frequency of the water applications, and dramatically lessen the amount of water consumed each time.

DustOut can be used flexibly as a standalone stabilizer or in conjunction with all hydro-mulches. It will help in water and wind erosion prevention and make the soil resistant to rainfall conditions. DustOut can be used for landfills, road banks, construction sites, stockpiled topsoil, airport runways and helipads, taxiway shoulders and most slopes and berms where vegetation has not been established.

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