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Complete this online training at your own pace - get your PolymerPaving.com Expert Certification by learning the lessons, doing the labs and passing the tests. The Expert Certification program takes you from where you are now to a complete understanding of how Polymer Paving works. Once you pay, we will issue a private login for you, and you have full lifetime access to the program. When you receive your site login, which will unlock the TRAINING COURSES area of the web site. In this private section of the site you will also find your testing materials for your certification, and private reseller discount, which will more than help pay for your certification cost. 


Register today and get lifetime 20% discount on KompaFlex MX purchases. 

Requirements for certification:

  • Paid registration signup (link below)
  • Proof of purchase of at least one IBC tote of KompaFlex MX (you can use your Expert Discount obtained at signup for this)
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Passing score on all questions of the test
  • Making your own field sample and sending it to us for testing


 Already signed up for your Expert Certification? Your welcome email has a permanent Expert Discount Code unique for you which you can use at checkout on www.greenroadbuilder.com to obtain your savings. We ask all Certified Expert purchases of KompaFlex MX go through the Green Road Builder web site; shipping calculation adjustments will be sent to you manually within 24-48 hours of placing an online order.

Here is the link to buy KompaFlex MX using your private 20% discount code and save nearly $1000 on every IBC tote that you buy.

Simply enter your Discount Code during checkout.


Only $899.00 - early signup special for online courses only: PP CERTIFICATION SIGN UP



Note on requirements:

The Paid Registration to become a "Certified Expert in Polymer Paving" gives you access to the study materials and the tests; you can take your time with these, since you have lifetime access to the system. However, your Certified Expert Discount Code will be available immediately and delivered manually with your Training Courses Login information. This delivery may occur anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours after purchase. We are notified immediately but someone needs to access the systems to create the logins and the discounts.

The "minimum one tote purchase" requirement ensures you have at least one active project when you ask for your Expert Certification. If you would like to be exempt from this requirement, fax a Waiver Request on your letterhead explaining why.

The Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement will be sent to you and you MUST sign and return it or access to the system will be suspended until you do. This ensures that the sensitive information and the various platforms we share with you (and any information you share with us) remains private. Spying occurs in our business, as in any other, and this agreement gives us legal recourse.

Passing scores: every question on the tests is taken from the narrative in your Expert Certification Training Courses. It is beneficial to you to actually try to memorize the material before answering the tests. Having the ability to go on a site and make helpful determinations is a supreme skill that you should work hard to master. Precious few clients will take you seriously if you go on site with a printout of your curicculum trying to read through to see how to fix the situation. Honor the opportunity we give you by mastering the material and becoming skilled.

Making your own samples: this is the practical part of your exam. Over the weeks following your signup, we will send you different assignments to test your understanding of the concepts. You will ship the resulting work back to us.


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