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September 12 8:29 AM | News

Project Costs Matter!

The affordable polymer KompaFlex SP is now available at an even lower price. We can ship it with NO LABEL or removable label if you are a reseller in your market. Most contractors and beneficiaries with large scale projects find incomparable savings when using the KompaFlex SP formula without sacrificing quality (same ingredients as our flagship KompaFlex MX product, just different dilution.


Why is it so affordable?

Before we begin with the actual answer, you need to know that KompaFlex SP has 30% solids, and KompaFlex MX has 55% solids. Otherwise they are fundamentally identical. The principal cause for the attractive price is this: when you make polymers in a reactor, getting from 30 to 55 is substantially more difficult than going from 0 to 30. Therefore, our 30% product is substantially more affordable than the "flagship product"; yet at the same time it is the same formula as the MX, so it packs sufficient power to stand side by side with many products which are 3 times the price.


Debunking false narratives

Let's get one thing clear: almost any kind of polymer you need, you could buy from us. We make a large variety through our network, and if there is anything we don't make, we could probably obtain through our industry contacts at better terms than you would get sourcing for it yourself. This is important for one reason: we don't sell the KompaFlex line to you because that's the only one we have. Rather because tested side by side with everything else, it stood above other formulas in the following respects, to name but a few.

  • technical characteristics suitable to working with soils and rocks, such as glass transition temperature, curing time, adhesion to dust, uv resistance, and many others
  • easy to work with (has a silky, smooth texture, very different from other polymers, much easier to wash off the skin yet superstrong when dry)
  • budget friendly - use KompaFlex SP for your thicker base, and KompaFlex MX for your critical tire contact surface (if necessary)
  • top quality product at low price, not the"pipe scrapings" or "water added" products you buy elsewhere. Let's get this straight. A 30% dispersion straight out of the reactor is much better than adding water to a higher concentration, and orders of magnitude better than adding water to a powder.
  • 100% eco friendly - we achieve an enviable level of adhesion without harmful ingredients. Perhaps the cleanest soil stabilization polymer line. Choose KompaFlex products.


KompaFlex SP is flexible and easy to work with

Water Polymer Description
1 1 Super strong cap or mix-in applications
2 1 Normal mix-in ratio for driving surfaces
3 1 Traffic (hard compacted gravel) capping to encapsulate dust
4 1 Capping dust on slopes
5 1 Capping dust on non-traffic undisturbed surfaces


How do I get it?

Contact us through the web form here

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