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Working With Clay - polymer paving

October 05 2:20 PM | Articles


How to address and remediate the problem of clay soils


Clay has a large amount of fine particles; logically one would assume this is a desirable trait to obtain cohesion. However clay particles are not granular.


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Soils and aggregates

September 12 1:13 PM | Media

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Polymer paving in 4 easy steps

September 12 1:12 PM | Media

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Preliminary soil considerations

September 12 1:11 PM | Media

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Polymer Paving - pure strength

September 12 1:10 PM | Media

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KompaFlex SP polymer now at a lower price

September 12 8:29 AM | News

Project Costs Matter!

The affordable polymer KompaFlex SP is now available at an even lower price. We can ship it with NO LABEL or removable label if you are a reseller in your market. Most contractors and beneficiaries with large scale projects find incomparable savings when using.. read more

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