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April 09 9:57 AM by Dan Banici | Ecological

Our revolutionary new dust control product- Levitrap SP- has been specially formulated to mitigate hazardous dart particles more efficiently than traditional methods.

LeviTrap SP for Traffic Dust

Our revolutionary new dust control product- Levitrap SP- has been specially formulated to trap hazardous dust particles more efficiently than traditional methods, by preventing them from floating in the air. LeviTrap SP works by trapping the dust particles in place, by bonding directly to the particle, instead of just coating it, the way water does. This method prevents the particles from levitating up into the air by giving them weight, and making them too heavy to float. LeviTrap SP is made of 100% ecological organic chemicals and will not harm any local wildlife or water sources whatsoever. Also, a typical LeviTrap SP dust control application will last much longer than traditional methods. Some users have reported their LeviTrap SP application lasting upwards of 1 year before a re-coat is necessary, and our LeviTrap EQ formula has been used by some clients in equestrian facilities for more than 4 (four) years at a time before even a minor superficial reapplication was even necessary.  Add to that a great price, and you could say that LeviTrap SP is perhaps the perfect solution for traffic dust control.


KompaFlex SP for Non-traffic Dust

There are instances when the dust on your road is blown in from adjacent arrid land. If these surfaces don't have frequent traffic, the dust can be efficiently stabilized by creating a crust with our affordable KompaFlex SP polymer. This product, when applied on a dust surface, will create a long lasting crust, sufficiently durable to keep dust down, keep water out, and still allow vegetation to sprout through. This is also a completely benign product, totally clean for the environment, in both acute and chronic toxicity tests performed by independent laboratories.


The SP designation after a product name means the product is suitable for a spray-on application, to be applied with a spraybar, a hose, or a similar dispersion method.

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