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April 09 9:56 AM by Dan Banici | General Manufacturers

Alternative Paving Solutions

As leading providers of alternative paving solutions, a question we often hear is, “why should I use anything other than asphalt to create a road?”. Comments and concerns arise around the fact that paving with asphalt has been the industry standard since modern industrialization and no dominant alternative product has taken hold in the marketplace. To address these concerns, we like to outline the many benefits our products have and how they can perform up to the standards ( and even best) the performance of asphalt.


Perhaps the most concerning element of asphalt applications are the health hazards associated with the product. The chemicals released from heated Asphalt have been associated with numerous severe health problems which include psychological and physical issues and in some cases, cancers of the skin . On the contrary, paving with polymer releases no dangerous chemicals and minimal precautions need to be taken to ensure worker safety. As well as being non-hazardous, Polymer paving products, most notably KompaFlex MX, are harmless to the environment. The many ingredients that make up KompaFlex have been evaluated and rated by third party laboratories as non-hazardous to water sources and areas with wildlife.   


To consult with an engineer on how KompaFlex MX can meet your alternative paving needs, contact us today at 646-383-3690.

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