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October 10 3:26 PM by Dan Banici | Utility

The rationale behind eco-friendly polymer paving

There are many areas of the world where the cost of asphalt and the cost of labor to build and maintain an asphalt road are beyond the budget of the local management. If you could build many times as much road faster and cleaner, wouldn't you?

Last week I returned from another trip overseas. The country doesn't matter because the pattern is the same. Many roads are not paved, dust abounds, some paving projects were done incompetently (no base) so now tires sink into these 10 inch deep grooves created by heavy traffic, and in many rural areas the road is just dust when dry and mud when rainy. Potholes are either not fixed or poorly patched making the problem worse.

From my point of view as a US resident this is deplorable; however, there are many places right here in the USA where the situation is similar: severe dust problems, no funds to repair existing asphalt, and the list goes on.

In some countries it is worse because entire populations live without any roads at all to speak of, just a beaten path. We tend to take roads for granted when we have them, but let's look at them again from the perspective of what problems they solve, what they cost to build and maintain, and what happens when you don't have them.

Imagine that by the simple accident of where you are born, you live in a village without easy access to a modern hospital. What are the implications? Superstition and "home cures" as well as "witch remedies" will be the prevalent wisdom on how to deal with medical emergencies - from a newborn delivery with complications, to a limb injury that is getting infected with the patient in a fever and no access to antibiotics.

Then without agricultural and farm reforms, you have cattle standing in the middle of the roads (good luck with that when you drive an ambulance and every minute counts).

Add these things up, and when you travel to some of these places you feel like you traveled 200 years back in time. When you see a social and economic discrepancy that makes no sense, think about money. Everything costs money. Municipalities are financed through taxation. When people have no jobs, they have no money. When they have no money, you can't tax them much. Roads would help them get to jobs, but to build roads you need money. It appears to be a catch 22, but it doesn't have to be.

The savings created by turning the native soil into a hard driving surface with KompaFlex MX polymer is twofold: you save money on aggregate (you use the existing soil, no need to bring in asphalt) and the actual building process is faster. This allows you to build more roads faster and cheaper. Are these roads any good? Not only are they as good as asphalt, but they are cheaper to maintain, ecological and sustainable.

We also provide top quality HDPE geocell, so you can install an everlasting base under your natural road, ensuring success.

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