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April 09 9:55 AM by Dan Banici | Sustainability

Alternative road paved with KompaFlex MX

Would you be surprised if we told you that an alternative road paved with KompaFlex MX withstood 35% more pressure than one paved with Asphalt? Our extensive testing with various types of soils and polymer levels has shown that the best case aggregate (3/8 minus graded rock and fine particles) and a standard amount of Kompaflex MX creates a tremendously strong surface that withstands up to 3200 PSI. When even the highest performance asphalt breaks at 2000 Psi, KompaFlex MX is defined as the clear winner. One might now question, well how will it hold up in the real world as opposed to a test.? The answer is simple; the road is only as strong as the base, which is an element that we consistently build into our projects. A standard roadway is subjected to the elements and normal traffic wear among other variables, such as gradation and drainage, and If done correctly, you will have a strong, long lasting road.  

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