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April 09 9:12 AM by Dan Banici | Sales

Polymer paving is an emerging trend in the effort to build affordable and sustainable driving surfaces.

There are many types of polymers, and some are suitable for paving. The ones approved for road application cannot be toxic. You recognize these because they are “water soluble”. But at the same time this "water solubility is the Achilles’ Heel of the polymer industry. Hydrophobicity (resistance to the effects of weathering by water, rain) is an area where every vendor claims stellar results.
Since the industry is new there are no standards to live up to, so consequently everyone claims their product is great. However, most of these products have been designed for dust control, so they create a temporary crust only.
The single biggest problem with the vast majority of polymers is high water absorption and lack of wet bonding strength. This is not an issue for temporary applications, such as hydroseeding, dust control, or seasonal applications. However, if your intent is to mix it into the soil and you want to have long lasting results in any weather, a breakdown of the polymer into a water soluble compound is your worse nightmare. Your money is literally washed away.
With that little yet important detail in mind, we only engineer and sell KompaFlex SP (for spray applications) and KompaFlex MX (for mix-in and paving applications). This is an acrylate ester emulsion of the highest quality, with 47% solids, nearly neutral pH, and superior UV stability. It costs a little more, to be sure, but just like the paint on your car, it is made to resist weather, water, sun, seasons, hot and freezing weather, and many years later it will still be there unaffected. As a matter of fact, the KompaFlex line is so good, many companies in the asphalt and concrete business use it as an additive to enhance the resilience and characteristics of their own products.
Consistency is a very important factor for construction contractors who use our product. Polymer is produced in reactors in batches. Ensuring these batches are identical in every characteristic is a full time job for our production engineers, and we have pioneered systems which ensure this level of performance. When you are out in the field, you want every delivery (every batch of product) to perform just like the last one, so you can use it and forget it, not run into problems because the new product is acting someone differently than the last.
We are not a leader in our industry by accident. We have looked at all the issues plaguing our industry when we decided to enter this market, and we vowed to help our customers avoid them. Work with confidence: use PolymerPaving.com products.

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