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April 09 9:58 AM by Dan Banici | Aesthetics of Paving

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A few days ago, one of my friends called asking me to turn on CNN to see an editorial about color asphalt and how one insurance company in the UK found a use for it. It appears their statistics show clear data that when women use separate lanes, fewer die in traffic related accidents, so they decided to push for "women only" lanes.

See full details at Sheila's Wheels -

As you might imagine, there are many women advocacy groups that strongly oppose segregation, whereas those from cultures or with beliefs that encourage social separation of men and women (a few religions come to mind) are using this little breaking news to justify, or give weight to, their customs which are out of sync with modern society. For the latter is not about "saving lives", but more about "I told you there was a mysterious reason why my customs make sense, and this is a reason for me to keep believing just that".


Now, the above is an example of a strictly "utilitarian" use of this technology - tested, saved lives, let us do it. However, the most important use of color asphalt is by far that of low-cost, high impact enhancement in the attractiveness of the area where it is being used.

The color of the pavement affects how people feel,  how happy they are, and that affects their behavior.


Think about where you could use it (utilitarian reason is perhaps color coding & marking) and where it would be welcome because it would make people feel better, come out of the house more often,and generally have a more enjoyable experience. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • your driveway
  • church or meeting place parking lot
  • the front of your business
  • parks and alleyways
  • walking paths and trails
  • street markings
  • train & bus stops
  • supermarket parking
  • center of town, city hall, historic street area
  • school parking 
  • hospital parking


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