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Making a durable, eco-friendly, low cost driving surface

March 15 10:06 PM by Dan Banici | General

Making a durable, eco-friendly, low cost driving surface

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Color Asphalt Paving - an effective makeover?

May 04 10:10 AM by Dan Banici | Ecological

Big color asphalt savings at the bottom of this article!

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Ecological Dust Control

December 09 7:31 AM by Dan B. | Ecological

Our revolutionary new dust control product- Levitrap SP- has been specially formulated to mitigate hazardous dart particles more efficiently than traditional methods.

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Alternative Paving Solutions

December 08 8:36 AM by Patrick | Ecological

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Strength of Alternative Roads

December 08 8:31 AM by Dan B. | Ecological

Would you be surprised if we told you that an alternative road paved with KompaFlex MX withstood 35% more pressure than one paved with Asphalt?

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Dust Control for Mining Roads

December 08 8:30 AM by Jamila B. | Ecological

Dust control in the Mining industry has traditionally involved bringing in water trucks daily and endlessly spraying dust affected areas. This method is noticeably inefficient and wastes resources that could be used beneficially elsewhere.

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Why polymer paving makes sense

October 10 3:26 PM by Dan Banici | Utility

The rationale behind eco-friendly polymer paving

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Dune Sand Reinforcement

September 23 8:22 PM by T. Al-Rafeai and A. Al-Suhaibani | Ecological

Dune sands characterized by a susceptibility to large deformations can be a useful pavement construction material if reinforced or treated with cement. Sand can be easily reinforced with synthetic fibers to increase its stiffness and load-carrying capacity.

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What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Polymer

August 29 10:27 AM by Dan B. | General

Polymer paving is an emerging trend in the effort to build affordable and sustainable driving surfaces.

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The Convergence of Eco-Friendly and Affordable

August 29 10:23 AM by Dan | Ecological

The KompaFlex polymer is the result of a six year process of improving the performance of existing binding agents for soil.

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