"The strongest polymer is also the safest"

  • 0 dioxins
  • 0 metals
  • 0 VOCs
  • 0 furans
  • 0 SVOCs
  • 0 PAHs
  • 0 PHBs

Tested on more than 10 aquatic and terrestrial species, PROVEN SAFE to humans, fauna and flora.

KompaFlex MX™


"Achieve permanent traffic dust mitigation with one applicaton and low maintenance"

The only reason maintenance may be required is because new dust could be flown in from adjacent areas, or created by traffic shear. In such cases very small amounts may be modestly reapplied

LeviTrap SP™



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KompaFlex MX is the most popular formula hard driving surface currently in use. Use your own soil or use mixed size crushed rock with sufficient fines, mix in KompaFlex MX dispersed in water. You will build a strong, eco-friendly, flexible, natural looking hard driving wear surface. Dries transparent. 

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KompaFlex is awesome! I've never seen anything like it! I use KompaFlex both on my land to control the dust, and to create and maintain a 3/4 mile hard surface gravel road. The best of its' kind, I tried other polymers. KompaFlex is worth much more than I paid. I'm one happy customer! 

Sophie Collins
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